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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NSA Certify Electronic Device U/C Label Stop Texas State Political Attacks Intrusions

NSA Should Certify Every Electronic Device U/C Label Stop Texas State Political Attacks Intrusions

Other states may have this same problem but I don’t live there.
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But Not Mine That Is Crime
FBI - 01/07/2014 this event could be considered an act of terrorism. Germantown, MD Hacks My Hughes.Net Explains A lot. Why I Got A Message About Osama Kill Before The Kill And A Photograph After The Kill. 

They use my to network hack any place in the world. This is an allegation I am not an expert. by law should have notified the FCC by now because I have complained and explained someone is using my $2.500.00 Satellite System and my 78.79 Dollars a phone fee and the occasional 500.00 maintenance fee for free to do criminal activity.

I also warned Homeland by a note to the OIG about gaps in the DSL cable in Texas, which includes thousands of Hispanics Children As well as other subgroups’ of ethnicity  cannot do their homework and drop out of high school in South Central and South West Texas. 

The Quality Assurance Director Texas Human Health Services  called me today, about aging complaints concerning the Elderly living in South Central Texas that own mineral rights, who have been targeted, My satellite supports one group of 25 prime and 25,000 other targeted oppressed family members.

I Also got a call from my State Legislature Ryan Guillen  and told them to contact your office because you have my file Because our case was not addressed by local law enforcement.

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  1. NSA Certify Electronic Device U/C Label Stop Texas State Political Attacks Intrusions

  2. Tijas We Own The Land and the Mineral rights That Triggered Economic Recovery still in dispute with no legal representation the elderly live on government substance when all congress has to do is the 'the right thing' and give the owners their due. A Republican principal long forgotten as incumbent Politicians are separated by the reality of things and forget about the needs of their own people stealing our assets and calling us beggars?

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