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Monday, January 20, 2014

Peruvian Stat-elite Connection

I Pay for a Rural Community Satellite
Texas Networks Off To Other Countries Illegally 

What Is the Story Behind This Peruvian Painting?
The Letter To Maria Was Behind This Painting for 
Three Years
Texas has electronically destroyed financially small businesses that supports the President and his agenda with computer applications that target innocent Texans who are also United States Citizens.
Texas Domestic Boggy 19:18 01/1/2014 the moment I turned on my p.c that has been down all day, not by choice and I lost money. 

Nope routine, but in years gone by it was not the case thanks to Congress Henry Cuellar 2012, the mission is clear - "To Protect and Serve."

To Protect and Serve

Nope Still Down 19:50 PM 01/19/2014 - No problem if takes all night

Then I get this page:

The State Texas Has Been Hacking Computer Sense  2000 Illegally
And Using The Information As Financial Decimation and Oppression

Financial Decimation of the Private Sector. I had $250,000 cash in bank, no bills before Texas State Government intervention. Today I could open only one email slowly at a time, so I picked the most important and made comments on the ones I never open, in view of hackers that ignore the fact that this terminal is Office Professional and has intellectual information that has been stolen. 

Their activity is illegal and reported to the FCC and FBI after going to the local Sheriff’s Office several times.

Most importantly this terminal supports three households in rural South Central Texas for things like bank, doctors, medicine, and school work that once put two through elementary school all the way to honors in college. 

Telephone connections with DSL or any kind of communications are impossible for anyone South of San Antonio Texas:

I have close to two hundred emails today most are unsolicited emails from anti-Obama propaganda.

I just paid this guy after I had the FBI check out all my contacts on a contracting house (You might want to also if you deal with international contractors and have a hacking problem):

"Mi egregĂ­simo GregO,
Oh, thank you -- and I`ll be on tenterhooks looking for the reply to your praise with deeds! Peru, it will be highly interesting! Maybe the map will be a bit ancient-like as the first one. . . . Have you already any suggestions as to the style?
Be blessed in the new year,

The last project he did for me as follows:

I pass over several important emails from Wendy Davis, who I support and other organizations such as SOS Caregivers. 

I also enjoy opening and reading the daily White House Administration emails but could not today.

I pass over 40 emails from Phil Hortz, who I stopped opening because it is always the same B.S. anti-America garbage blaming things we suffer in Texas from The State of Texas RICO Perry Network - Who blame the Obama Administration which is FALSE. 

Our trouble with hacking started in 2000 with Texas Governor Rick Perry illegal hacking (Not NSA) and stealing of classified and intellectual property by Texas Governor Rick Perry Command and Control Centers now called Fusion Centers.

The hackers identify themselves - We take pictures photographs of their movements and prompting of embedded material such as in past by Houston Texas Se Private Investigative firm, who embedded pictures of ammunition that can penetrate the most sophisticated Department of Texas Public Safety bullet proof jacket and a newspaper clipping of a drug lord arrest, who frequented Texas Governor Rick Perry. 

Poetic Justice caught by his own domestic surveillance cameras taking drug money for donations……… now let’s  move on to just today:

I respond to the Hackers prompting as i try to do my work:

We know Texas has been in our community communication system sense 2000, which makes you the criminals, not NSA and you must pay the DOJ.

It takes me hours just to read my Emails so let’s just start counting what Texas cost me in Hacking by RICO Perry Command and control Centers.

Reading the closed messages of my emails not even opening them free script continues:

 "'Russian spy propagandist Nina Sidorova' I move my cursor to the emails then delete. I am just guessing this stuff as I move on. Pay pal wants me to check bank account but I pay for internet service that you use and I cannot get on to check my account - more financial decimation by the State of Texas . UTSA email -The last time I went UTSA they lied to me and took my picture by a private dick paid by federal funds by the name of Calculi one of ‘Den of Thieves’ Sharing the loot with William Sessions x-FBI Director before Obama was elected. I have not gone back to be abused again and again and again. I tried to participate with a note from them they asked me about my military service but it was a phishing web page. So I reported to UTSA, the web master did not respond, so it must a UTSA phishing web Page - are you counting? 

"I don't have to count I can rattle them off in courtroom one at time - nobody will fall asleep with what I have to say." 

Still reading the closed messages of my emails not even opening them free script continues:

AAPD does not help the disabled especially after government installed a monitor. They are just a special interest helping themselves that are not disabled. It is doubtful that they clean shit off of wheel chairs of others like we do SOS caregivers. Are you  counting? (Hackers Light Up ‘Giver are you?’]

Yep that must mean you are the state of Texas and a criminal! I am counting. Copyright infringements I have to add library of congress Text that people plagiarize take out of content of the data stream. Most of what i have seen was removed by Texas State hackers Fusion Centers that were called Rick Perry Command and Control Centers before the publishing of how well they worked? As if by command, all states should make the Federal Government pay for them in a UT text book that was distributed like it was the truth but it is a scam. 

A scam similar to the horror of “The Landmark study of campus shootings” that increased 100 fold after Texas published. 

The reasons publishers publish whatever BS Texas writes in a text book, is because the University system is so large it means more profit and guarantees sales across the nation - if the information is true or a balled faced lie – it don’t matter every state gets the same BS.

I am still counting Texas is in big ‘turxxing’ (Bleep whoops don’t want to stretch or hide the truth) trouble not NSA. [As far as i am concerned] The President can do what he wants too! You are a Texas Communist Criminals! I am still counting.

Email Offer for a Credit card is next:

Still waiting for the FBI to investigate the inside job of Quicken grand thief of my credit card the U.S. Bank Examiner and the International Bank Examiner did their job and reported to the FBI but they never did anything about it. Are you still counting I am - it matters! I am still reading email ads without opening them.

Next a "Go wireless" email ad comes up:

I was swatted two times by the sheriff’s office because I had a wireless internet connection, so others could use my satellite. They came to kill! I am still counting! All reported by protocol to the appropriate offices. 

Next email that catches my eye in-between Phil Hortz unsolicited and spammed emails, a "Warning Tylenol" email is next:

Tylenol was reported by me and many others. It is what young adults OD on not just the Vicodin. This problem I know was worked because the FDA does work properly the connection to other departments like the DEA is broken but their operations work and the Center for Disease Control work properly.

Nope Still Down 20:10PM 01/19/2014

So I called HugesNet who is aware of the problem of networking off rural Texas Satellites, reported by HughesNet to the FCC as i reported to the appropriate offices. 

This problem of draining of tokens paid by me, kept me down for 10 days now and a loss of time, not on the computer............. 

but time i could spend outside 
in the fresh air!

Who Pays?

I bought one their first satellites for our community at a cost of $2,500.00 and have been paying 79.70 a month plus satellite maintenance for the service sense 2005.

Illegal Hacking Cost Me A Small Business
And $250,000 In Life Savings

Who Pays?

I Paid!

We Had Enough and We Want Law-enforcement to stop hacking and go after the illegal hackers in our systems and we all know NSA is Not A Problem

National Security is Always Welcomed
In My System After My VA Records, Mineral Rights, Patients, and Copyrights were assimilated by the State of Texas 

When 10 Years pass first i had to rebuild my records manually VA and Professional FAA342_1964 and lay out the number of homicides and the cost One Farm in Texas 3.8 Billion Dollars Does Not include the cost of the Homicide Victims that are due Compensation by State and Federal agencies - Then the head of Foreign and Domestic National Security James Clapper Get's Fired - Not NSA!
"Reporting Just The Things Outside My Own Window Of The World"

Illegal Hacking Cost Me A Small Business
And $250,000 In Life Savings!
3.8 Billion Total

The Hacker Lights Up
‘Giver are you?’
The Law Should Make Them Pay Up 

They are Thieves!
And They Put People In Dangerous 

It's a honor and privilege to serve my county again but if your using data off the web Heads of Federal and State Agencies Are Complete Fools!

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  1. They are Thieves!
    And They Put People In Dangerous Situations