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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Photo Catch of the Day Large Herbivore Net Conservation

Wildebeest Photo-catch of The Day 02062014 

Australian Boxing Kangaroos 

Sick Puppies these Hackers - FCC Take ‘um all out!

- Goliath Rex 


  1. There is a solution to and welcomed by many and that is 'on line assistance by trusted personnel'. "If the White House can be hack by Foreign intelligence Then so can we"

    The Only Example i have is a military web that said "Someone is looking over your shoulder To HELP YOU" and they did and i knew it was a human and a trusted personnel.

  2. Today i have no idea who it is no matter what say they just pixels on a screen to me.......

  3. The Photo Catch of the Day after it was plug in all night while a disabled was using this p.c. check it out for spyware at the state level the Secret Service is always welcomed in my home