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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

South West Texas Maratha Lights Phenomena Solved 2007

The Lighthouse Effect 

Ancient Sphere Stones World Map G N O'Dell 

The Lighthouse effect is any observable flash of light or visual glimpse of some unexpected phenomena such as, orbs, spirits ghost, aliens, greys and UFOs. Sightings are commonplace; however, it takes a trained eye to recognize what adult humans have been conditioned to ignore. Self preservation takes precedence over any other human interest and by nature of maturity; people give up that visual sparkle in the day post-adolescence. 

The Lighthouse effect is a window into other worlds or dimensions just as real as our own and is represented by a per ponderous mountain of evidence which include eye witness reports, photographs, as well as physical scientific proofs. Any anomalous activity that deviates from scientific reasoning is considered paranormal phenomena such as Orbs, Spirits, Ghost, Aliens, Greys and UFOs. Anomaly enthusiasts obsess on the mystifying unexpected experience while the scientific community avoids any research outside observable, empirical and measurable evidence. 

Both views falsely presuppose the existence of two separate worlds, the empirical outer universe and the mind. The Orb phenomena, spheres of light commonly seen in photographs of another subjects, are the most fascinating paranormal activity in which we have scientific evidence today. 

Unfortunately, orb photographs are so common, they lack the mystifying criteria for something worth para-normal investigation. The term paranormal has become a strong categorical determinate which falsely dictates two separate types of phenomena, real and unreal. Orb photographs can be found in most family albums, many of which go unnoticed (Figure 48). Quality orb photographs such as figure 52 are rare. The actual visual experience is unique and uncommon. Reports of a ball-lighting hovering in mid air on passenger planes, match the actual orb visual experience.

Atma bodies or soul body is another reported example of orb phenomena; whereas a person claims to leave his/her body and travel the far reaches of the globe or even out to space wearing an orb light-type body.

A rare blue orb was photographed near my home in south Texas. The orb moved from one sequence to the next, disallowing lens spots. We had an orbist test going on during photo shoots with controlled cameras.(Figure 49-50). 

Ancient sphere sculptures are the most compiling archeological evidence that links the human psyche to Orb phenomena. The idea of the sphere has captured the imagination of the earliest peoples. Sphere sculptures have been documented in Northeast America, South America and even as far as the Polynesian Islands. A high intensity of finds is clustered in Costa Rica. 

While staying in a hotel in San Jose Costa Rica I noticed that the compound was surrounded with pillars and on top of each pillar was a cememt sphere.The Inn keeper explained that they represent actual sphere stones found in the Costa Rican jungle. Later viewing Costa Rica museum sphere stones, a guide confirmed that each of the stones were painstakingly crafted by hand without the use of metal tools. 

Theories have a wide range of religious, economical, and navigational applications. But the museum expert felt that there were some perhaps spiritual or cultural purpose for the work but this is unknown. Whatever the case, the mystifying beauty of the sphere, still captivates the imagination perhaps because it is the shape of form, beauty in itself- attractive to the eye magnetic to the soul!


Ancient Sphere Sculptures World Map G N O’Dell © 2013

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       Congress Control Number 2007908596 ISBN-13: 978-1419684708 Project Almost Complete need to frame
       put in another museum with other work all over the world.

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