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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why Our OCR Complaint Is A Criminal Charge Against The State of Texas

Billions Mineral Revenue Thief 
Suicides, Homicides, Data Manipulation and
Torture, and Planned Texas Terrorist Acts

Thank you for your response. I agree with you - we are at war "anything goes in love and war" as you responded, "While I supported the most recent vote, I am still open to considering new intelligence gathering proposals provided the effectiveness of agencies are not diminished." What you don't know is that I am a registered [FAA Holder] for the Federal Aviation Administration and part of the intelligence gathering and disaster response network. 

[When this note was written I had idea that Texas sovereigns, who believe they are above the law, removed by data manipulation my entire life, bragging about death threats, attempts at murder, financial decimation, and bragging about the most intimate information and ways and means of collecting that private information, once you have been targeted - to break or kill you to stop reporting their RICO Network to Federal Agencies]

All the information I have supplied to you is / was for that purpose along with  copies to law enforcement including the FBI. What we want to here from Homeland Security is that no intelligence gathering objectives are used as Human Behavioral Experiments or attacks on unwilling citizens of the State of Texas, which include but not limited to electronic, radionics devices and unwarranted search and seizures for political control, which have been documented in the past. [12/04/2013 This is Not Ancient History but It Is Getting Very Old - No Response from the Dallas OCR Office]

This Valid Criminal Complaint Is will Known!
And Has Been Sitting In the United State Justice office
for 48 Months
"Who Am I To Be About The Business of The FBI"
What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me But If You Don't Know should not a surprise

It is no secret that there are victims and little do we know what adverse effects that these experiments have had on the victims. My family is among those victims. My brother was seriously and permanently injured by such electronic weapons and I asked you for congressional intervention in May of 2009 in writing placed in your office witness by a Bexar County Law Enforcement Officer downtown San Antonio.

Thank you for your response we will continue with the law suit peacefully and as per due process [It Has Always Been Criminal Charges Against the State of Texas Not NSA]. 

Our intent is not to limit law enforcement from intelligence gathering but to protect the people from future abuses of using Electronic Warfare on the Citizens of the United States. 

This Office Laughed at This Valid Terrorist Report
In March 2014 You Will See These Same Criminals Engaged In Terrorist Acts
They Are Planing With Intent Now
Obstruction of Justice
Is Their Game

by Gregory O'Dell
As a Victim for Seven Years Now - I Don't Think It Is A Laughing Matter 

Chapter 12:  Penetrating the Obscure Jungle into the Light 

Eat What [Texans] You Kill A Governor Rick Perry Greg Abbott Policy 1998-2013

"My Daddy Said It's Not What You Know It's What You Don't Know That You Should Be Worried About" (Senator Cornyn 2010)

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This Is No Game (The Sh*t They Toss At You)

Why I Called All My Representatives 01/02/2014

Senator John Cornyn
(emailed Message 12/31/2013) 
Senator Ted Cruz

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Senator Carlos I. Uresti

Ryan Guillen

Texas State SBOE District 1
Ms. Martha M. Dominguez

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