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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boeing Employee Disability Leave Develops PLAST Drone


60 Minutes Has Right Bros. Model Airplanes Limited Operational Time

PLAST Drone > $1,200 Each No Fuel TV Operated
Texas Is Targeting The Finest of Citizens
The Criminals Take Leadership Positions
We Know As The Tea Party

Air Surveillance Farm and Ranch No Fuel Little Maintenance e Texas

Operate from your TV!

Prototype Cost > 500.00 No work for hire 
Design Supply Chain Cost > 250.00 per unit
What George Bush / Clinton Domestic Surveillance
Has Cost The Economy
Watch Out They Might Come Unhinged and Blow Up A Federal Building

  • Cost for Kit for resale > 1,200.00

  • 950 Gross Profit 

  • 450 Labor / Stakeholders Students?

  • 500 net per unit

  • 10 units per week first 6 months 30,000 a year’s pay 

  • Supply chain low inventory JIT 

  • Composite Warranty OEM

  • Limited Liability Company Some Insurance Coverage

  • Timeline working prototype in less than thirty days can do

Can Do but how to keep secret to market?
 Impossible – So Tuck It! I Am Tired Of Patent Copyright Thief 

Project Drone Don't Peek Or Sneak

Do I have to Sit on the toilet and draw it?


  1. One Way Communication Is Bankrupt Texas
    Fake Disability
    How Veterans Abuse the VA System Guide on how to file a claim

  2. December 13 Was Bad Day for Private Dick Doing Same Thing On Federal Property Taking of Veterans Making Judgements by Hidden Surveillance and Is Going to Sued Mucho Denioro......