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Saturday, March 15, 2014

New This Season Primetime

Get Cash Settlements 
The Redistribution of Texas Wealth
When Surveillance and BSA Harm Thousands Backroom Judgement Call That Benefits Big Oil

Our Values Ring That Stock Market Bell

"It’s not easy to avoid the chopping block when it comes to primetime television. Whether it’s a returning series or a new show, livelihood is purely a numbers game, and when the numbers go south, cancellation is not far behind."


  1. Prime Time Head Hunting on Amazon I Am Sure Glad You Said It
    And The FBI Has Saved It

    I get an Email from the secret Service as I published the event in a University paper for my protection, what the Texas University social worker instructed me to do, once he knew that I was telling the truth. The Email from the SS read, “I am sure glad you said that.” Scared, I write the Director of the CIA after finding out one was a card carrying CIA agent and wrote, “If the Secret Service can find my house but Federal Express cannot, then why can’t they find Osama Bin Laden, who gets carrier service each week.” Twenty-four hours later he is dead. NSA harassed me for a year “Who Ordered the Kill on Osama bin Laden?”

  2. No Brag Just Facts - I Would Not Put My Worst Enemy Through What I and my Family Gone through.............. I Don't Like it But I guess Things Happen That Way!

  3. When Those of Public Trust Lie and Get Caught Change Me Links and Threaten With Psycho-Terror hacking my phone TV whatever they want to do - Who Pays for That Nonsense? YOU DO!