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Saturday, March 22, 2014

TxMx Alien Evasion Washington D.C.

Lytle Texas Student Do Dinosaurs Exist?

Texas Horn Toad Watch Endangered Species List
Painted By Lytle Student

Texans Invade D.C. During Spring Break   

 Students in Lytle sent letters and asked me to take a picture with a dinosaur to prove I received them. Here’s the proof.  

During Texas week, scores of families from 23rd District of Texas visited Washington, D.C. Many of them received staff led tours of the Capitol through the office. I thank all who visited the office during the week – my door is always open to fellow Texans. If you are planning a trip to Washington, please contact the office to arrange tours. The phone numbers are below. You can also visit  for more information.    

Lastly, thanks again for letting me be your congressman. If I can help you with a federal agency or issue, please call on any of our offices. The phone numbers and addresses are listed below. I've never been a big fan of politics – helping people is my favorite part of the job. Please put us to work for you. 

Full Congressional Report:


  1. Lytle Texas Passenger Railway System may connect to Pan American Railyway System

  2. Submitted: Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th Sri Gregory N O'Dell

    The following information has been submitted:
    Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th
    Name: Sri Gregory N O'Dell

    Address: 1290 Mc Coy Road,
    City/State/Zip: Somerset, TX 78069 3719

    Telephone: 8304291965

    Issue: HOM

    Message Subject: Please Read Before Congress to Pay Me Reward Due and Investigate Elderly Mineral Right Thief
    Message Text:
    Please Read Before Congress to Pay Me Reward Due and Investigate Elderly Mineral Right Thief Sunday, March 23, 2014 The Devine News Part Or Whole Bin Laden Reward Due Local Boy Six Million In Just Reward Money Due Ssgt Gregory N. O’Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069

    Would you like a response? Y