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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Papillon’s Escape from Texas

Page Hacked While Writing
G N O'Dell
Monad The Shape of Form Beauty In Itself 

How disgorging to know that my own congressional representation Henry Cuellar  used Congressman Ciro Rodriguez to protect his political image as we reported  to Congressman Cuellar several breaches in national security along with prudent solutions, that he has taken credit as well as monetary benefits, of the same mineral resources and assets owned by my family. We wait for his response to my plea for their safety  which includes children, disabled, women, and the elderly as an invasion of real terrorist is ignored by our National Security Department who busied themselves to bring us harm.

Full Essay at this link:

Electronic Entrapment
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  1. It is my Congressman Cuellar and Ted Cruz responsibility to mediate with the Texas private security firms (Not NSA) that financially harmed Me and others so we can start producing jobs with the resources they deprived us of.

  2. Rember The Alamo