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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Texas Missing Links Some Are Seen and Some are Not

Sat Movement Removed
San Antonio Receives Funds for Homeland Security
This week, I announced that the City of San Antonio has received a federal investment of $1 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to expand and improve homeland security preparedness.  The funds are specifically geared to high risk urban areas and San Antonio was one of only three cities in Texas to receive the funds. 
I have been supportive of increased funds for the UASI program as a Member House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security and in collaboration with the San Antonio congressional delegation and I am pleased to see the City of San Antonio receive this federal investment that will keep our community safer and support the men and women who are the first to arrive when we need them most.

"Your honor this ticket and the means for the police inspection is no secret - It is wrong, Unethical and Illegal (O'Dell)"

Texas Electronic Detention Is Wrong Unethical and Illegal

Judge Kassen, "How Do Plea?" 

O'Dell, "No Contest"

In June of 2013, As a Federal Aviation First Responder, Gregory O'Dell Identified a break in National Security and worked with Congressman Henry Cuellar to now include Federal First Responders single point reporting with the Texas State Emergency Response System. Anyone who holds a Valid FAA certificate can now participate from any location 24/7 adding thousands of eyes and ears to our National Security Network. Knowledgeable of the change, South Central Texans are still waiting for a complete audit to the last dime requested from the Texas State Comptroller spent by the State of Texas for every chase or “No-kill Flight” coined ‘Joy-coptying’. This is not a shot at professional pilots who are triggered for a mission on orders by the DOD.  These Pilots know what they are doing and any FAA certificate holder can be a blessing if in the right place at the right time.  

Budget Hearing - United States Customs and Border Protection
10:00 AM | 2358-A Rayburn 
Committee on Appropriations | Homeland Security

Budget Hearing - Small Business Administration
10:00 AM | 2359 Rayburn 
Committee on Appropriations | Financial Services and General Government

Budget Hearing - Department of Agriculture, Rural Development
10:00 AM | 2362-A Rayburn 
Committee on Appropriations | Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

Ghost Horse Back Riders In The 

Something's Take a Real Tejas Vaquero

Some Are Seen and Some Are Not

Who Is Targeted and Who is Not

A Case For The Office of Civil Rights

Who Is Watching Who And Do They Have A Legal Right Too?

Nothing Changes is Texas But The Meaning of Law 
Change in Disability Privacy Law October 2008
Thousands of  Disabled Texans Some With Clearances Puts U.S. In
Terrorist Death Threats

Most Importantly, Who is Watching The Nature Watchers?

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