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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Burnt Texas Orange Black Sabbath Day of Doom

Say Something Data Miners Day of Doom

Burnt Orange TEXAS Politics is The ISSUE The DOJ Needs Everybody’s Attention
Economic Environmental Disasters One after Another
Misappropriations Reported by Protocol

1. Building on The Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone was a Gregarious Sin “When the Moon Goes down on Medina Lake She Went down on you” 

Grow Crops without water is a question NASA has been pondering about Mars exploration. Now we know what happened on Mars.

1b. Some Dams Are Dam Good "when they are maintained (Obama 2009)"
Jobs Now Make Texas Politics Look Bad
Because it Makes Obama Look Good

but that Means ‘Jobs’ and Makes Obama Look Good and Texas Politics Look Bad so Here comes the Flood After The Drought 

1c. Expect the locus Next See number 2

2. Protecting the Border when the problem is Transportation not Immigration Reform 
2a. Over 1.2 Trillion U.S. Dollars of waste moving the Iraq War Machine to the Texas Border brought the Iran conflict with it “Start a War and People Will Come!”
2b. Immigration Reform: Applying existing laws that protect U.S. not a First Class Seat on a High Class Coyote airline to American Citizenship [Already Prosecuted and In Prison] but wait there is more! Ted Cruz Tea Party was not targeted; they are under a criminal investigation for solicitation and accepting Drug Trafficking Campaign Money by a First Class Ticket to American Citizenship! I wonder is that how Ted Cruz Got Here?

2c. Mass Transportation and New Airports But Means 'Jobs Now' and Makes Texas Politics Look Bad Because It Make Our President Look Good

3. Quicksilver Wars "What Do Have In Your Wallet?"

He Only Had Dollar To Make To Next Wednesday
Watch Out! Now I Have 15 Times That Amount $15.58 Cents

3a. "We are not paying Veterans Compensation until we pay the Chinese (John Boehner Communist Party Leader)?"

3b. Pay Veterans and we will "Pay The Chinese Back!" 

I Don't Give a Dam next stop is Vietnam!

3c. Read the Union Label Made In The USA

3d. The Fire Starters That Burn Down The Alamo Studio Set Arson 

Are Butts Are Burning


  1. Need to take break might take all day to collect the misappropriations of Federal and state Funds Report As per Protocol

  2. Judas Bush Taking Kickbacks from Israeli-es was not intelligence

  3. Private Security Firms At The Top Of The News Today "The Day of Doom"

  4. The Guy That is not going to prosecuted or covicted of anything

    1. Texas Governor Rick Perry Has Too Much On The Senate They Will Set Him Free So He Can Do It Again and Again and Agian