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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Was Mistaken These People Are Terrorist Within Not All But They Cannot Protect You!

You're On Your Own
Mineral Targets Missed By The
Most Sophisticated Technology Known To Man
De-Fund The CIA Like They Did Me

The CIA Cannot Clean-up Their Own
ACLU Action

President Obama: Don't Let the CIA Censor the Torture Report.

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Dear Gregory,

The President needs to hear from us.

Last week, more than 25,000 ACLU supporters signed the petition calling on President Obama to make sure that the CIA doesn't censor the landmark Senate report on the CIA's own use of torture.

And the President took action: he appointed Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper—who himself has been accused of lying to Congress about intelligence programs—to "oversee" the CIA in its lead role in the review.

So, we now have one agency that lied overseeing another agency that lied, and that's how we will get the truth?

Now is the time to press the President to take the lead on giving us the truth about torture.

Will you take 2 minutes right now to e-mail President Obama asking him to order the CIA and the DNI to not censor the Senate torture report?

Within the next few weeks, we expect the White House to release the executive summary of the Senate report to the public, and with it, we will finally confirm the extent of the CIA's program of rendition, secret detention, and torture of people all over the world. That is, unless President Obama allows the CIA and DNI to continue to hide their secrets about the torture conducted in our names.

Even as I write this—the CIA is very likely taking a black-out pen to the nearly 500-page executive summary of the Senate torture report. And the DNI is likely "overseeing" the blacking out of the truth.

The President can still stop the CIA and DNI from hiding the truth from us behind redactions. But this is our last chance to urge the President to take the lead and put an end to this cover-up.

The President himself holds the authority to declassify documents. He should not delegate his authority on this torture report to the very CIA that tortured, or to the CIA and DNI who have lied.

Send President Obama an email now asking him to show his leadership on ending torture by releasing the torture report with minimal redactions and without CIA or DNI censorship.

Thanks for taking action,
Anthony for the ACLU Action team

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