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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Signed Sealed Delivered On a Crazy Train May 13 2014 A Matter of Record and Law

Life Magazine Same Theme 
One Way Or Another Pay Up by Law

Under Another Cover
"The Children of the Strange Storms"

I Would Post It But
 I Can't 
Walk On A UT Campus 

Governor Rick Perry RP08
"He Saw It Coming"

The Last Time George P. Bush Attacks 
The President of the United States
Barack Obama

By Law And Sworn In U.S. Courts of Law


  1. In Texas We Have Judges That Should Not Be Judges When people disappear or found cut into small pieces Or set a fire by gasoline, the elderly cheated out of billions of dollars mineral and property rights, the burning farms, murder attempts, murder, extortion by criminal elements, extortion by government, private dick murder squads, all out quicksilver wars, and our District judge Texas 28th has not prosecuted one case - Crimes against Humanity

  2. Well Be Hand Delivered Today By Pony Express As Requested Federal Agency and TDHHS Must Act and Go Back A Decade and Investigate Every Single Case of Suicide, Homicide, and Abuse

  3. This Is No Game And It Is Still Going On Because QA TDHHS Failed To Do A Proper Audit Not By Intent More Evidence Is Surfacing and it is not the case that that all people are evil it is a systematic systemic problem that must be addressed not dressed up or covered Up