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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Victoria’s Secret L.A. Woman City of Lights

Penetrating the Obscure Jungle 
Into the Light
No Power Greater Than The Power of Love

1: Texas Domestic Surveillance: If They Can They Will And They Did

2: We the People Are the Best Intelligence 

3: Texas Aerospace Surveillance 'Privacy Why It Should Concern You!' 

4: Privacy The Shawshank Redemption 

5: Privacy Why It Does Not Concern Me 

6. Irregular War Held Private From You 

7. How Privacy Can Solve Old Cases and Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks 

8: Privacy Why It Should Concern THEM! Data Manipulation 

9: Investigations Are like Alcoholism 'It All Depends On Who You Are Drinking With!' 

10: The Privacy Debate After The War

11: Privacy 'Where did all those Billions go?' Why It Should Concern THEM 

12: Privacy Penetrating the Obscure Jungle into the Light

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