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Friday, May 2, 2014

Private Security Firms Kill

I Didn't Punch That Dogie
Houston Se has Cost Me and my family and anyone associated with me Thousands of Dollars

George Bush P. Ineligible to Run for any Position
of Public Trust
Public Notice
The Thief of Mineral Rights Texas Starting in 1992
by the illegal Transfer Document to Computer System
Manipulation of Federal and State Documents
Still Clean-up In Process 100,000's claims stolen
All My Editors Turnover to 
The Alamo FBI

I Think This Unit Is Underfunded

Please quote for a third party writer my brother Danny and I will pay out of my account escrow pay in advance release upon delivery. This is a project of Linearism.Org or your friend Gregory O'Dell Last project Journal of a Texas Mystic DOGIE IT By D T O'Dell Pages 50 Words 33,700 Characters (no Space) 143,579 Characters (with Spaces) 177,799 Paragraphs 161 Lines 2,285 By Danny O'Dell 105 Kendalia Circle Spring Branch Texas 78070 210-834-8117 Please Tell the amount and date of delivery so I can open a project for you. He does not want it edited in Microsoft editing but regular editing so he can make changes by typing the 50 over again with your mark-ups. First round of editing for new writer, so he may or most likely will come back with a 2nd of editing as he learns. See attached file thank you Danny and Gregory O'Dell Texas!

How many Judges Police Officers and Others That Collected Rewards That Were False Claims To Harm for Profit? 

When The People With the Answers To Most Controversial Problems 
Are Attack by Private Security Firms
Like Me and My Family
Who Own The Mineral Rights That Trigger Economic Prosperity for All Texans

George P Attack Obama when the answer was submitted and known
by the Obama Administration

Thousands Tortured because Congress Attacks Barack Obama

Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz Comes In as Freshman and Puts the Solution Back 4 More Years



  2. Police Complaints Still Valid and True