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Friday, June 13, 2014

Big Pharmaceutical Hit West Texas Explosion

Another Case Solved by The Texas Terrorist Terminator 
Add That To The Billion Dollar Invoice Pay Now
She was Talking In Her Sleep
And Reminded Me

Drone Strikes Controled By Big Pharmaceutical Hit West Texas 
Chemical Plant
I Made An Official Request For The FBI To Check 
All Contractors Associated Last 10 Years and They Did
Why It Concerns Senator Cornyn Again
Texas Se Is Under Investigation
VA Entilements Federal Texas Se Manipulation
NASA Has Been Watching Them
Privacy Why It Concerns The Texas Tea Party
And Now The GOP Is Sweating The Tea Party Criminals Are Running The Republican Party

Why It Should Concern Them Katheryn Dick-Tracey
Privacy Why It Should Concern You!  [Them]

Intrusion into your personal space, by persons or networks of mindless electronic devices, plagiarizers and patent trolls has robbed you of your creativity, spirituality, copyrights, income, and dreams.

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