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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VA Retaliation By Military Force For Filing FDA Form By Protocol

Veteran Hero Survived Three Terrorist Bombing Gets Attack Again By Low Altitude Helicopter 
That Allegedly Killed A Vietnam Veteran Burn To Death In Freak Fire Still Under Investigation At Same Time of A Similar Attack Trigger by Rick Perry's Return from Europe As Noted In The Press Just Facts Jack Raise The Bar  in San Antonio 2012 Causal Link to 
General Betray-Us
Scrambled Green Eggs And Ham 
Noted Changes in P.C

Its Sin Toward Obstruction Want's The Details of the Orb Trail Hacked Last Night
Is That Why You Did Not Prosecute The Abuse Case
I Had No Idea The Senator is Biochemical Liability Lawyer UT Houston Did You Have Something To Do With The Merck Case Too? Nobody Got Paid But The Lawyers

Most importantly, if the billions of Federal Dollars wasted on domestic surveillance were redirected to track criminals that falsify drug scientific data for profit, who caused the deaths of thousands of Americans on American soil by the distribution and sale of a deadly drug such as VIOXX, we would be winning “the war on drugs” that has already cost the first casualties on American soil, some 88,000 deaths [Closer count 250,000].

Maybe we should track these criminals every move using the new DEA’s aerospace surveillance equipment, and make them sweat- so they never do this to another American again.
He Saw It Coming But I Could Not Tonight
Yale College Murder Established A Point of Law
Boggy 2344 <6KFT In Beam With Alamo South Due North
An Art Project That Got An 'A' 2008
Unknown to Me but to Hackers It
 Captured Those Who Got-away with Dividend Payments Including Don Hall Rick Perry Student Loans Interest The Higher Cost of Tuition The Higher Interest Returned

Lets Ask The VA Banker Could Be The Conflict of Interest of the State Texas VA Commissioned
And Not The Va? 

Or is it BA benefits Some and Some It Disseminates?
If you start with basket of 12 eggs and in the morning you have basket with no eggs where did the eggs go?

Maybe we should track these criminals every move using the new DEA’s aerospace surveillance equipment, and make them sweat- so they never do this to another American again.

Retaliation of A Veteran Reporting by Protocol

Domestic Attack of Home Does Not Help My PTSD At All
But Helps Investigators Find Out More About Benghazi Link To Clinton and General Betray-Us 

Boggy 2344 <6KFT In Beam With With My House No Visual So Lets Try Out FEMA Resolve To be Ready Check Flight Recorder on all flight South of San Antonio via Joycopting It Could Be A Drug Trafficker We Caught And Is In Prison Today Thanks To My Report By Protocol Anti-Terrorism Task Force that cost Billions when just one report from me was enough. To stop the campaign money going Tea Party That Defines The Tea Party as Terrorism Under The 911 Patriot Act

Report United States State Department 
I Am a Victim, Informant, and Witness of
 Several Terrorist Acts 

Anybody Else Want To Breach My Private Documents and Force Disclosure In Public? My Privacy Why It Should Concern The United States Department and Those That Breached my notes and Used That Information to Harm The Integrity of Several Federal Agencies

VA Malpractice by not treating me for Known Conditions
"I was told Not to use the eBenfit Page Only"

May 26, 2014
Congressman Pete Gallego Texas District 23rd Request for Assistance with Government Agencies Continuation Sheets 

Page 1 of 2
VA Malpractice by not treating me for Known Conditions
Subject: VA Only Concerns. There are many others but the President Requested this information delivered to your office. I do so by electronics and by hand carried to both congressional districts that I was /am an official constituent of Texas 23rd and Texas 28th.

A. I Filed Criminal Charges with the FBI Concerning VA DATA Manipulation in 2012 and told not to use the web in my case only [VA eBenfits Only The Media Starves For notes Thank You for The Correction] . I filed a report with your office May 21 2014 that was transferred to Henry Cuellar’s Office, because they failed to respond and their website was not accepting me for at least 48 months. The Computer had me listed as Pete Gallegos’s constituent. All my correspondence was sent to the DOJ by certified mail for 8 years. By Law Pete Gallegos’s must address all my concerns over that 48 month period because I was his constituent.

B. After I filed with your office May 21, 2014 and filed an official retaliation complaint with the Texas VA Commission concerning Data Manipulation; specially, that my medical records were not available for a Compensation and Benefits evaluation and that I was certified through the VARP Office as 100% Disabled as well as the Social Security Department for 10 years and partially disabled sense service separation at transfer to the Air National Guard Kelly AFB for over forty years’ service connected and a matter of record at Langley AFB, Nellis AFB, and Lackland AFB medical facilities - More evidence was found this week.

Please note the VA knew by intent that I already processed 100% TDUI program but they wanted me to do so again to harm me not to help me and give me another Compensation Benefits Exam that was canceled 05/19/2014 the same day I spent the whole day at the Radiologist Office and Dr. Poe at the Audi Murphy Medical Center for treatment not compensation.
The Facts: Frank M. Tejeda 5788 Eckhert Road San Antonio, TX 78240 VA Outpatient Clinic Phone: 210.699.2100 VA Clinic Number 65272 Fax: 210.699.2250 Appointment Date/Time: 05/19/2014 13:00 Location: FRANK M TEJEDA OUTPATIENT CLINIC, Clinic: FTOPC C&P GMED PA SCHWARTZ Clinic Phone: 65272 Status: CANCELLED Compensation and Pension: This is a Compensation & Pension Appointment

In addition, I have been treated by an outside physician for chronic bronchitis and catastrophic medical conditions and was told to come back to the VA in 4 months or so, I have been asking to be treated for airs and other diseases for three years and they have failed to get me to the correct specialist and complain about a conflict of interest, when it comes treating me for these health conditions that are service connected. These conditions were part of several military new weapons testing groups while on active duty. Engineering changes were made at the sacrifice of pilots and ground crews, who I am one of many and why I was treated while and after active duty and the VA in the past prior to 2006. They once treated me until 2006 George Bush started the VA manipulation of records. Anyone discharged on or before 1978 did not receive the proper

Page 2 of 2
forms for exposure because the “Right to know Law” was not applied until 1979. I was never in control or held my military records until sent me in 2012 after receiving a letter they burned in a fire in 1980.

The VA Houston ask me to go and get a doctors research paper that connects other conditions to Aircraft maintenance, so I did the best I could after consulting several doctors to find out that the Texas VA Commission, already did that study and had the sheet ready to go that does connect to the conditions but was submitted after denial because my information was not the official VA form inaccessible to me but not to other veterans now collecting their entitlements. This is not just a conflict of interest by my VA Doctor but a matter of malpractice by not treating me for known conditions. This includes working in a Hazardous noise environment missed by the VA first assessment a point of protocol that was to be redone and not put into the appeal cycle.

Please note I attended the first ‘Beat the VA Backlog’ Meeting with documents for an already fully developed claim but was ‘un-pugged as per Lt Governor David Dewhurst’ in Houston Texas May 17th 2013 and promised he would contact my Congressman Henry Cuellar about the “Un-plugging” event he place the burden on VA Washington. Congressman Henry Cuellar never responded, witnessed by several people, one of which testified in court with me concerning terrorist act by electronic device defined as torture by any civilized nation.
Also, I am officially registered as an Agent Orange Exposed Vietnam Veteran, atomic weapons testing registered veteran, and Camp Lejeune TDY over 35 days were we also conducted electronic weapons testing.

Lastly, I served 8 years as on active duty but the way the forms are read on the database do not show me as a Vietnam Veteran, because I swore in in April 1974 and was deferred at the privilege of my country, while bond by that contract until August 1981 as my honorable discharge from the United States Air Force was held from me by contract dependent on my completion of my Air National Guard Contract with the military. I hold two honorable discharge citations and well serve again.

Electronically Submitted to Congressman Henry Cuellar on 5/26/14
[New Legislation Written to Avoid the Same conflict comparison with Place Chase Program Post Vietnam Cuellar to Write]

To be Hand Carried To Congressman Pete Gallegos Office on 5/27/2014


  1. All infor hacked and post for Professional Investigators Senator Cornyn "I urge you to continue Working With The FBI" I Am

  2. Now is time to call Senator Cruz Office Sense private Investigator Lied

  3. Don't trust and google ad 'Criminal Justice Degree' Report by Mail or In Person To Someone in Law Enforcement Who Is a Professional Investigator

  4. Lets Ask The VA Banker Could Be The Conflict of Interest of the State Texas VA Commissioned And Not The Va?

  5. That Defines The Tea Party as Terrorism Under The 911 Patriot Act

  6. Dear FBI 1540 hours State of Texas Turned In for Hacking TV Electronic and Telephone Death Threats HHS Human Health Services 7 -10 June
    Hacking Scramble Boggy No Visual so close to the house Boggy 2344 <6KFT In Beam With With My House No Visual. The Same way i
    Reported a Private Helicopter with the same flight pattern to you by Protocol Fraud Reporting System Texas Anti-Terrorism Task Force after a Domestic Helicopter was searching for Private helicopter and shined a light in bedroom window. My Opinion which should mean nothing to you: "Task Force that waste Billions when just one report from me (or any other FAA Federal Aviation Frist Responder by law and I am a volunteer certified by choice after requested by the FAA Oklahoma) I am a protected material wetness and I expect you to arrest those people that illegally or legally used interrogation techniques on me and my family 'Today not some other day' and let me the victim know they have been arrested: 1540 hours State of Texas Turned In for Hacking TV Electronic and Telephone Death Threats HHS Human Health Services 7 -10 June Hacking Scramble Boggy No Visual so close to the house Boggy 2344 <6KFT In Beam With My House No Visual could not determine if Black Domestic or Blue White SAPD the blade sound was unusual and no visual to close to house