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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Size Does Not Matter

Size is the wrong answer:

The original settlers in Tejas Mexico became land owners and Mexican Nationals by request or marriage or both, usually to qualify for land grants. Many were already Mexican Nationals migrating from Europe or South America. 

The original occupiers of the Alamo were alcoholics that migrated to the town after they lost their families to cholera. Alcohol was the only way they could cope with their losses. They spent most of their time in the local bars and gin mills sharing their heart breaking trauma ‘It’s better than drinking alone.”

Writing the term ‘alcoholics’ is something picked up by the phrase, “It all depends on who you are drinking with” from a text book I ordered from London to China in 1993, forgetful of the author’s name. 

I shipped the book back to a friend in Canton from Surat Thani by his request, and fail to this day to give the author full credit for such  a powerful statement.

What a shame that I cannot go to a library because of the ‘Library Act’ or search on the web to give credibility to hundreds of essays I write for enjoyment and for others to critique my work to master the skill. Writing social networks were the first to appear on the web and are still my favorites that I have no access.

What Made James Bowie Knife Famous – you write it why steal my content?

Size is the wrong answer: The Answer is at this link page one

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  1. Why Size Does Not Matter

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