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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Breach of Today Waiting for A Call from The United States State Department

White Flags - Smoke Signals - Letters to the Senate 
Waiting for A Call from The United States State Department
Who Is Responsible For My Legal Services and the Health and Wellbeing of Me 
and All Those Associated With Me 

06/05/2014 Electronic website I Guess Have Hand Carry To D.C.

Report United States State Department 
I Am a Victim, Informant, and Witness of
 Several Terrorist Acts 

Anybody Else Want To Breach My Private Documents and Force Disclosure In Public? My Privacy Why It Should Concern The United States Department and Those That Breached my notes and Used That Information to Harm The Integrity of Several Federal Agencies
Todays Breach of my documents 

This Old Hat why do They have interest?

 I am not an investigator

Just the Facts hackers prompt for this information:

In 2006, the Bush Administration authorized the sharing of information collected by any means with law enforcement and civilian private security firms, including intrusive equipment by satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment. This presidential mandate was applied without congressional approval in Texas only! 

This was an illegally incorporated private security firm on a Texas university authorized by Bush by way of Governor Rick Perry to carry out the domestic surveillance program and I was the justification; the person with psychological issues who could pose threats. 

That just cause authorized them to investigate me and justified warrants signed by a biased Rick Perry-appointed judge to further their domestic surveillance—such as wiretapping and tracking devices—in my name. 
What made matters worse, the Bush administration established funding for certain companies to manufacture these devices. The one that concerned me most was Digital Ally.
A press release dated October 6, 2006 stated:

“Digital Ally…which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced technology products for law enforcement, homeland security, and commercial security applications, today announced that John Ashcroft and Judge William S. Sessions have joined the Company’s Advisory Board.”

These electronic devices used in psychological programs such as MK-Ultra, a mid 20th century secret mind control re-search project, have been abused by Texas leadership. Behavioral political control networks and harmful biological or electronic devices exist and have been used against targeted peaceful political adversaries in a number of ways: illegal gathering of investigative information, intimidation, blacklisting, hacking, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas citizens.

The only way that all of those civil liberties we think we have are persevered is by the United States Justice Department. However, the Bush Administration made a hit list of U.S. Attorneys and fired those not subservient to the Republican Party. For example, in early 2007 a U.S. Attorney in San Diego was fired a day after she served warrants in a criminal investigation of defense contractors with close GOP ties. 

After George Bush was elected president in 2000, Rick Perry, then Lieutenant Governor, assumed the Governor’s office. It was Perry who issued executive order establishing a state Governor's Task Force on Homeland Security, also known as RP8.
“This executive order supersedes all previous orders and shall remain in effect and in full force until modified, amended, rescinded, or superseded by me  [Governor Rick Perry] or by a succeeding Governor.”

Unfortunately, the order was still in effect as of his third election in 2010, giving the Texas Governor almost complete dictatorship, including more than 3,000 bias appointees, some embedded in the State Supreme Court creating a corrupt Texas justice system. 

Texas also has a long history of using white supremacists for gun running, drug dealing, and human trafficking. Executive Order RP8 violated the civil and human rights of all Texas citizens clearly expressed by the Constitution of the United States. Governor Rick Perry used overt and covert acts against Texans solely to retain power and oppress the people of Texas in the name of national security, as justified by the Patriot Act.
He openly declared war on the Unit-ed States and attempted succession from the Union without consideration of law abiding American patriots who reside in Texas and are United States citizens.

The Governor of Texas by virtue of the power and authority is legally responsible for, and is directly linked to, the abuse of federal funds by establishing RP8. The executive order led to political favors for state as well as federal employees who act without fear of prosecution as if above the law.

Rick Perry sat aloof of illegal acts as if by washing his hands releases him from any involvement as all others by his orders must suffer punishment by law as a consequence of his executive emergency order and their own illegal actions. 

These favors and lawless orders were justified as a necessary evil to protect against an unidentified, fictitious enemy designated as terrorists, instead of specific persons or organizations that have attacked or plan to attack the United States or declare war. This fear of the unknown leads to an abuse of power by oppressing the populace with anti-ethical investigations and prosecutions of the innocent with unfounded conspiracy charges whenever the Governor of Texas cries wolf, or terrorism.

Every time Congress enacts a new law, no matter how trivial, we are stripped of our freedom to legislate our own actions, placing the burden of our behavior on law enforcement agencies. If Congress were to pass a law today that banned sex, very few people would  obey the law nor would the police enforce it. However, if the law only applied to citizens and not politicians and police, it would lead to government corruption.

Likewise, congressional lawmakers know, no matter how rational a proposition may seem in theory, the only way to prove a legislative mandate benefits the greater good is after the law is applied. If a newly drafted law is the cause of bitter sweet or unjust consequences, the law is debated by a Congressional oversight committee and if necessary adjusted in some way or repealed.

The Patriot Act was enacted to protect civil liberties while protecting the United States from another attack. Emergency executive orders at the state level were approved and enacted to protect the United States as a whole from terrorism and rightly so: we had just been attacked. 

Groups of conspiracy theorist considered the secrecy of certain Patriot Act provisions a cover up of political control. Those who openly expressed their opinions online were targeted by the very computer applications Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski warned about in his manifesto, known today as robo-executioners, a mindless data chip that shows no mercy at all! 

The robo-executioner disarmed in 2009 was a horror story for Mary and me. The only way I knew how to protect us from attacks was to disclose that we were friendly on the Internet. I don't recommend this but when your life is in danger you do whatever can by any means to protect those that you love.
Mary and I knew that no matter what action we took we were going to be stalked mercilessly by criminal elements as well as protective agents who still did not who I was or what the hell I was trying to say!

Affidavit Physical Presence Test
STATE OF _______Texas_________________
COUNTY OF ____Atascosa County ________

PERSONALLY came and appeared before me, the undersigned Notary, the within named ______Gregory Nolan O’Dell_________________________, who is a resident of ____Atascosa__________ County, State of _______Texas   _______, and makes this his/her statement and General Affidavit upon oath and affirmation of belief and personal knowledge that the fol-lowing matters, facts and things set forth are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge:

I Gregory Nolan O’Dell being the same listed Gregory Nolan O’Dell on the enclosed documents, declare my physical presence as a witness and victim of the flowing Terrorist Acts or events of Mass Destruction and Locations of Domestic and International Tracking, Stalking with Deadly Force, and Electronic Human Exploitation reported to the Local San Antonio Federal Bureau of Investigation, after filing several complaints in the State of Texas and stood before a magistrate at the Atascosa County Courthouse Jourdanton Texas as well as filing valid criminal reports / complaints with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, Somerset Police, Bexar County Police, and University Systems Police over  a Five Year Period beginning November 2007 and persisted without any known intelligent reasonable response to my concerns that has brought my family and myself great harm and financial decimation, who I, Gregory Nolan O’Dell would of otherwise participated in a free market if not for the intervention of unknown parties  and the denial of legal representation provide by the Federal Government to State of Texas through grants provided to represent the disabled or those in need.
1. San Antonio Texas November 13, 1963 Broken Arrow Nuclear Event.  IVERP 1995-000.01 Supplemental Information Supplied 
2. China Southern Airlines Terrorist Bombing 737-300 Guangzhou, China: Date:  Bombing 24 Nov 1992 Acts of Hacking, Retaliation, and Threats to my family with Deadly Force by Texas Agencies IVERP 2009-000.01 Supplemental Information Supplied
2. The First Bombing of a Federal Building Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995, IVERP 1995-000.01
3. International Gang Stalking June-July 2008 Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. IVERP 1995-000.01Supplemental Information Supplied
4. Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009 Mili-tary Force Used Against Political Targets IVERP Reference 2009-000.01


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