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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Texas Houston Se At It Again Encrypted Data Corrupted


  1. Veteran Attacked In Transit to VA Pharmacy Dear FBI, Suzanne Cash and Gregory O’Dell were in transit to a scheduled appointment at the VA and we were attacked by a SAPD helicopter
    in predatory position at high speeds dead center our windshield of Suzanne Mitsubishi and did a circus show over our car on Highway 410 west near Marbach Road endangering my family and the police personnel in the helicopter. Approx. time 1330 hours Date: 06/12/2014 after receiving several warnings on the web by unknown hackers “If you enter Bexar County Your Will Be Targeted.” Tell me how can I access anything like an education, medical services, or just evening out if Texas SAPD is holding us prisoners in our home? That was statement not a question. Reported to Federal Police Officer Frank Tejada Clinic where I filed an official written police report about a private detective taking pictures of me and other veterans on Federal property by the same police officer on December 13, 2013. Gregory O’Dell’s FAA Card Number 3641964 Date of issue 20 Jul 2012. VA Police, “You should report it to the FBI, CIA, or Somebody.” Well I have already reported it to ‘somebody’ so I guess the next step if the police do not respond is the FBI.

  2. Reporting To Federal agencies The Artifact That was sent me after asking the FBI to investigate see Mp4 movie and Mission Alamo Before The First Shot Fired

  3. Hackers don't make so easy to bust 'Your Hack Criminal Act' Reported To Federal Agencies

    Best Firewall I know about report 'em

  4. I well be entering Bexar County To Report To HHS Washington D.C. Concerning Police Brutality and Failure to investigate a homicide

  5. and I did Escapes Devils Island To Serve Those Who Serve

    It Just Takes One Case I Am The Veteran Administration's Case