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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paint Your Own Wagon

Veteran Suicides “It Matters” 
Don't Let Anybody Paint Your Profile Wagon

Dear FBI as I have shown that every moment of our lives is an intrusion never seen before since we won the War against the Neo-Nazi regime. These people will not go away and will harm any US citizens by any means they wish as a standalone Terrorist Network.

Seven Years of Known Abuse 

It Matters, when they “paint your wagon” any way they please and jeopardize national security as young male veterans fully aware of their techniques, commit suicide every single day of the week controlled by the Texas Senate.

Just as one example of suicide reported to your office that has the ontological weight of hacking manslaughter and the way they have “Painted Our Wagon.” 

The only criteria are to be elderly, disabled or an innocent child, which many times include disabled young veterans.

Sadly those men and women, who were discharge from active duty prior to 1979, did not have the luxury of the “Your Right to Know Law” so they are denied health care and VA entitlements misrepresentation not by the VA hospital but the Texas Veterans Administration. 

These people claim to be ‘power of attorney’ and by law should be prosecute just as Senator McCain has stated, “It is criminal.” 

If true in Texas than it is true in Arizona, we know this by the “house of death” El Paso and Sheriff Arpaio use of devices, he is not authorized to use such electronics as the BICE lie detector training by the FBI on both Texas and Mexican nationals some of which cannot speak English and receive the death penalty just like those of CTTSO for crimes against humanity [If the DOJ Does Its Job] 

I have detailed many other forms of electronic torture and my State Senator has fought against the use of these devices on the disabled held in institutions detailed in the O’Dell Summary to the DOJ January 4, 2014.

Note: Some of names and allegations were change to protect the innocent And some remain and may be innocent because "It Matters" for you to understand what is believed to be invisible crimes is not true. 

I hope I have paved a path for you to see. The FBI has the full report. End Report.

Don't Let Anybody Paint Your Wagon
 'I was born under a Wondering Star 2005' 

Give credit where it is due

Paint Your Wagon -- (Movie Clip) Power Of Attorney Inebriated Rumson (Lee Marvin) wins the bidding for a spare Mormon wife (Jean Seberg), and "Pardner" (Clint Eastwood)

and buddies at the gold mining camp help him ...CLASSIC FILM UNION TCM


  1. Don't Let Anybody Paint Your Wagon
    'I was born under a Wondering Star 2005'

  2. "Peering Into Deep Space Wondering About
    My Tiny Insignificance In The Whole of Things"
    I Report everything

  3. Thank you VA OIG for Stopping by