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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taxes - Would You Give a Life Arm or Both Your Legs?

Private Dicks, Information Thieves, Data Miners, and Hackers – the community has pitch in so I get to the ACLU Houston meeting June 26, 2014,  and speak for them. 

Many were threatened to be killed if they said anything and told me to step up for them, reported to the proper authorizes looking at paperwork right now.

I am a known victim of an FBI miscall that also has allegations to the Texas CIA and Federal Data manipulation I call "The CIA Papers", however, I can not support the ACLU's position on the last people you can depend on, when Texas Law Enforcement lies, destroys police reports or fails to investigate crimes.  The Global economic crisis, I was blind but now i see, the crime points to Texas leadership.

A UT Art Project Still Held By The Art Department
Not for It's Art But What I Did Not See

Texas Police never hesitate to retaliate, an expense paid by your tax dollars.

Still no action by Texas except for retaliation with military force. The point is they Oppress the disabled, elderly or the people who are the last to recover after a economic collapse, caused by the State of Texas. Nor would those in need be spending Your Tax dollars, they would be providing Tax income. 

What can you do about it? Get involved with your community and the ACLU - There are no attorneys in Texas that are not part of the RICO Perry network.

The Meeting Is Open To All ACLU of Texas Members.

More Details At WWW.ACLUTX.ORG

1. Community Satellite (Texas Hacks they should Pay) - 79.00

3. Telephone (Texas Uses they should pay) - 70.00
4. Veterans Hospital Medicine that should be covered by service connected disability – 184.00 month
5.Electric – hackers from a central Texas location control so Texas should pay - 175.00


Community Satellite four households or separate farms used by Texas not me 79.00 monthly. Telephone landline necessary for the disabled community used by Texas not me. 

Electricity games done by Texas to torment of the disabled, which is also the practice  done in disabled communities and noted cases with suicides reported by protocol and attacks by normally non-violent  people because of the hacking of electronic and human experimentation. Their only crime is Texas provides the housing and Texas provides the torture and torment.

As a cultural Anthropologist: I have seen a whole community angry at each other thinking they were doing the spying on each other, when Texas Private Dicks intrusive devices caused them harm. 

A Texas Sheriff's Department busted a disabled housing where my Aunt and Uncle lived, and a person not associated with anyone in the community was selling cocaine and should have been arrested, I have the newspaper clipping. 

The swat team embarrassed and scared  the whole community and by going on worldwide tv before the 2012 election “this is where your tax dollars are going?”

If people used their heads they would of said, "why are they there, when so and so died for a gunshot wound, or officer so and so had no backup and dies, or so and so was kidnapped on the same day RICO Perry did his political stunt – 'Where are your tax dollars going?'

Your taxes pay for Texas Private Security Firms, Data Miners, and hackers building false allegations to earn money is a violation of federal law see number 12b.

12b. My Aunt and Uncle and now another Uncle yesterday, who own mineral rights died improvised, knowing they had been ripped off by Henry Cuellar, Koch Brothers, Carlos Uresti, Rick Perry, among others who are never invited to one Eagle Ford Shale Conference. 

Many are among those threatened to be killed if they said anything and told me to step up for them reported to the proper authorizes looking at paperwork right now. Still no action by Texas, Homeland or Dallas OCR- I Call 'The Texas CIA Papers' that have nothing to do with the CIA.

Texas Patriotism 

The point is those improvised accused of spending Your Tax dollars would be providing Tax income, if Texas domestic service were cut off today. 

Example: Mary had a job insurance plan deducted from her USAA paycheck and I told the Social Security agent, who failed to recoup the money from a fortune 500 Federal Government Insurance  Company for long term Cadillac plan with disability payments - where are your tax dollars going to the Insurance companies. 

I made every effort and so on for the people in my care or who I care for ‘A Volunteer Caregiver’ I am not a Professional Caretaker trained in medicine, a very big difference but just as important. The worse case this year, received a phone call that a friend in my care just died an hour ago, it took me one hour to get to his home

tracked and stalked by military force and found the person that i care for dead for what looked like 3 days, reported by protocol. 

Fred’s Dental - $2,000.00 paid 425.00 = 1,575.00 to go (In his case medical emergency because of prosthesis have to take antibiotic for mouth germs) the consequences he faces and has gone through this scenario before, laying in a hospital bed with an infection and told if treatment does not don’t work we amputate both legs at

the hip because you did not get dental care – reported to HHS and Congressman Henry Cuellar. But if they were not experimenting and integrating, I would pay for it myself and produce jobs for others. 

Where are your tax dollars going domestic surveillance? Is it really worth it if both citizens and Police die? 

Would You Give a Life, Arm or Both Your Legs to pay for Texas Domestic Surveillance that causes more harm then good? 

We have no choice!

Ted Lavender Reporting from the Dead

While Texas DPS Were Ordered To Watch Her
The Texas Game Wardens Used Resourcess On Me In
Port Aransas 

Escapes Devils Island To Serve Those Who Serve

It Just Takes One Case I Am The Veteran Administration's Case

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