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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Candyland Terrorist What A Bunch of Dopes

The Over shipments of Medicine 

It Is Your Responsibility to Let the VA Know!  So I did and told the Pharmacist I was getting 10 times the amount of Merck Proventic (Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol) than was prescribed to me and they took immediate action and corrected the automated error. 

One canister cost the VA $88.50 so they were spending 885.50 more a month, not just on me but perhaps thousands of other veterans and a waste of federal dollars in the millions.  Please note:  the same compound is sold in Mexico for 8.00 a canister of the same medicine. 

The Merck product may justify the cost but I am not an expert. I have no opinion see their web site. 

 I want to thank the programmer or the person who by intent or application design that hit my blog with this ad  “suboxone sublingual flim buprenorphine and naloxone Cll a doctor”

We know the Feds are working day and night on problems with computer applications that bring harm. Today I get this “See ad on Video the Monkees “Pleasant Valley Sunday” because this ad is tied to my blog: “suboxone sublingual flim buprenorphine and naloxone Cll a doctor”

The danger these apps throw at people and we all wonder what is going wrong? 250,000 people died from a 'miracle drug’ for Opioids abuse from Merck same killer ads from the same killers - Big Pharm and Political marketers.  See article GOP Marketing App That Kills

These marketing apps were used in the last election and are so sophisticated they actually control your reasoning ability or somatic domain that constitutes voter fraud. These applications and the delivery device or victor are banned by international law and some of these devices carry 25 years in prison if used on a United States Citizen. 

I am not talking about bumps in the grocery store floor that slow your cart down to shop and buy more or the way a casino is designed to take your money, these are benign irritations. After all, we live in a capitalist country and battering is the way of competition that leads to better products and American innovation. If grocery store ‘a’ is not serving you well, you can stop buying at ‘a’ and go to grocery store ‘b’.  The same can be said about illegal hacking of intellectual property by the state of Texas not NSA See The Blog Posting at this link:

Several People Have Reported 
"The Candyland Terrorist"
Gee Willikers Walley 
I Live In Texas so it Makes Good Sense 
It Is The State of Texas
"Redneck Mentality"
Thanks for letting know you know 

with a 
Licence To Kill
See Governor Perry Bush Drug and Mexican Drug Cartel
Linked To CVS Pharmacy
Reported Posted You Do The Research


  1. The same can be said about illegal hacking of intellectual property by the state of Texas nor NSA See The Blog Posting at this link:

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  3. Mr. Moto does good!

    Texas Rick Perry "Eat What You Kill DEA Policy"
    I must Own Texas By Now...... Pay me

    Let's see 250,000 Dead from Vioxx how many died from G. H. W. Bush Cocaine Budget Adjustment - most Dies in District 28th South Central Texas and blamed on Mexico? I must Own Texas By Now...... Pay me

    01/31/2014: They did it again while I was sleeping and disable person was on the computer they knocked her out after she connected a camera. I woke she was asleep on in seat all night long. The Time has to come to pay them back collectively with due process by the DOJ. All hacked documents where posted on this blog page first publish then removed. I was in a file titled “I_Wood” it contained a request for financial assistance to University of Texas who did not pay me my FASA not one single semester after 2006, without the intervention of the Dallas OCR and in 2008 would not accept payment in cash by web debit/credit card or when I physically drove 80 miles to swipe my care but did accept others…………… I immediately checked with the bank and other business and the card was fine $20,000 in savings $15,000 credit line- Reported to the Financial Director of UTSA. The Bush twins where attending UT at the time – I did not know they had twins or did was ever interested in such a bizarre family of dope dealers. G.H. W. “The Cocaine Contra King don’t like you budget limit sell Cocaine"……….. Sick Puppies

    Don't Get Me Wrong What The CIA Does Is none of my business

    Texas Rick Perry "Eat What You Kill DEA Policy"