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Friday, February 21, 2014

Greg Abbott Sees Texas Splitting Into a Third World

So Do We
Greg Abbott Sees Texas Splitting Into a Third World

Finding the Third World
The Brownsville Herald. Feb. 14, 2014.

Corruption had swallowed a small Texas town as the city's police department allowed drug labs to operate without fear of arrests as the police chief and his officers accepted money or drugs in exchange for covering up crimes.

In another community in the same part of Texas, city officials and the school district's police chief told a local television station that they worried about Mexican cartels corrupting local youth as part of their drug smuggling operations.

In a nearby community, in more recent months, federal prosecutors arrested 16 people on charges of being part of drug trafficking ring with ties to Mexico.
Surely, these communities must be on the border somewhere, probably in South Texas — most likely in the Rio Grande Valley, right?

No, every one of the communities cited above is in East Texas, a region that has had numerous indictments and arrests for years of public officials in connection with the drug trade.

That being the case, surely the state's attorney general, Greg Abbott, and other Republicans will call attention to this fact, citing concerns about the influence of drug traffickers in that part of Texas as they seek open lanes and highways to transport their merchandise to points northward.

It is troubling, it would appear, what is happening in some corners of East Texas. Why, "Third World" influences might even be creeping into that part of the state.

But no, Abbott and his fellow Republicans seeking statewide office save their derisive comments about corruption and "Third World" influences threatening Texas for the border, and most especially the Rio Grande Valley.

A Cooperative Effort Curb Drug Trafficking Both Sides Tex Mex Border

Kens5 TV 6:00 02/21/2014 Reports a growing diplomacy between Mexico and Texas concerning drugs abuse and trafficking. The latest reports are the best progressive positive news that I have seen in my lifetime

Most notably there is a crackdown on judges Texas State and Federal concerning the way the rule-of-law is apply equally with some reports of corruption as follows

I-TEAM: McGinty reduced bond for 10 Acevedo 

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Posted on February 21, 2014 at 7:54 PM
Updated today at 8:01 PM
Sources: Bexar County judge resigns in light of a federal probe

“investigation of court documents reveals former 144th District Judge Angus McGinty reduced the bond of 10 defendants represented by attorney Al Acevedo, including a man convicted of murder in a previous case.”

“A court official said state district judges have full authority to reduce bond on defendants in their court and are even allowed to approve bond reductions for cases in other district courts.”

“The federal investigation is being handled by the New Mexico District of the U.S. Attorney's Office.”

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