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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Drug War Comes To An End 2014

Not A Prediction or Prescription
You Can't Fight City Hall or The Pope
Crimes Against Humanity 
Alien Explosion 

Dear CCR Supporter,

Also, Save the Date! Next Thursday, February 20, CCR is hosting an important discussion on the U.S. “War on Drugs.” We hope you can join, either in person or via livestream. The Drug War has fueled mass incarceration and discriminatory policing practices in the U.S., as well as violence and militarization throughout Latin America.  This panel will bring together organizers and scholars on both sides of the border to talk about the domestic and international impacts of the Drug War and strategies to resist this racist, ineffective, and devastating “war.”  
Tune in next Thursday, February 20, for the livestream of this critical discussion. If you are in New York, please register here and join us in person!
Thank you for standing with us.
Vincent Warren


  1. “Then, there is that miracle -- such it may be called for being the most remarkable, singular and skilful construction of its kind, I believe, in the world -- of the two highways.... across the mountains and along the coast. The finer and more admirable of these extends for at least six and perhaps eight hundred leagues and is said to reach the provinces of Chile.... In Spain and Italy I have seen portions of the highway said to have been built by the Romans from Spain to Italy, but it is quite crude in comparison with the one built by these peoples.…”
    The last remains of true Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos) or universal knowing can be traced before Socrates 850 BCE; unfortunately, his pupil Plato just did not understand the higher ground and assimilated an inferior teaching to his student, Aristotle. Aristotle’s telos teachings were self-motivating political strategies used to control others. The pseudo philosophers of his time were nothing more than corrupt politicians and reason in itself, the conspiracy.

  2. I don't Stand with "Thank you for standing with us. CCR Vincent Warren" I stand on my own

  3. I don't many of these ads but my problem is not the ads they never pay me for advertising on my blog. Texas BSA

  4. I Not Asking Anybody for Something They Did Not Steal From Me on Their Own

    Under Law Enforcements Nose

    The Problem and the Solution
    Texans Need Legal Representation

    RICO Perry Made It Impossible
    Greg Abbott Sues Gets $16,000 a month for life then makes a law against punitive law suits

    Law Enforcement is not legal representation
    The OCR Dallas is law enforcement and
    Dam near Got Me Killed
    Did you see that last by intent Retaliating letter from a lawyer at the OCR blaming the sheriff’s department as if I file a complaint about them - the only people armed and ready to protect me!

    Everybody Faces These Common Issues
    But In Texas We Have Judges That Should Not Be Judges
    When people disappear or found cut into small pieces
    Or set a fire by gasoline, the elderly cheated out of billions of dollars mineral and property rights, the burning farms, murder attempts, murder, extortion by criminal elements, extortion by government, private dick murder squads, all out quicksilver wars, and our District judge Texas 28th has not prosecuted one case 

    Crimes against Humanity

  5. The Drug War Comes To An End 2014
    Not A Prediction or Prescription
    You Can't Fight City Hall or The Pope
    Crimes Against Humanity

  6. I would not eat pickles with a goat. I would not eat pickles on a boat. I would not eat pickles with Ted Cruz - Uncle Sam I Am!

  7. Emerson said, “Plato was a great average man.” Carlyle said it best, “A great man is a Mountain of Light”

  8. Congressman Pete Gallego sent me a package today - The Drug War Ends 2014 Mark your calendar