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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We do not know who is friend and who is foe

Still Being Hacked and That Is a Fact

If you have a problem securing your data integrity with missing or embedded content or live data manipulation in your P.C. watch out – “We do not know who is friend and who is foe”

If The White House Can Be Hack Then Your House Can Be Hack. 

That Is A Fact

These hackers could be foreign or domestic; in any case they are not welcome in my home or my files.  You television is another device that can be manipulated and these criminal acts are the responsibility of the FCC and other law enforcement agencies; but how do they know if you do not report the hacking event? 

In Many cases the manipulation is an application or virus in your system designed to respond to your own behavior. 

What We Do Is Report it then forget I.T. 

When we get hacked we report it IC3 that's all we need to do!

When We Get a Violent Threat and 
If the Police Do Not Respond 
We Contact the FBI 
that is 
What We Do!

We still do not know who is friend and who is foe but that was fun and if friendly thank you if not the blog belongs to my gang they are the notorious Alamo FBI. 

No Fun and Games I gave my blogs by written permission to homeland Security and the FBI even though they do not need my permission to block the content or slow the pages or are these agencies responsible for my actions and content. 

That Does Not Relive Me of The Credibility and Responsibility of The Content of These Blogs or is anything I produce associated or approved disapproved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Homeland Security or any government agency.

That Is a Fact 

I Would Not Want To Upset The People
Who Protect Us
I Might Need Them One Day!

That Is a Fact

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