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Friday, February 14, 2014

Alamo FBI States "Six Judges Implicated In Wrongdoing" Just Happen To Be RICO Republicans

These Hackers Cost Thousands
A Big Burden on The USA GNP

This An't Las Vegas

"When my dog does his business
He Buries It With His
Hind Legs" 
(Don't Ask Don't Tell)

Private Detectives Follow Man
to Border Kens5 TV"
Kens5 TV
Why Don't you Report When They Stalk Over the Border?
I Wasn't Asking For Money I Was Making A Report

Why We Need NSA

Uptown Girl


  1. Kens5 TV Why Don't you Report When Texas UT Private Detectives Stalk Over the Border?

  2. I not sure about the others i mean who paid them but nobody is asking me

  3. What a delicious Strawberry

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  5. Gregory Gamache Get Your Story Straight and Stop Using My Name for your BS
    Reported To The FBI Over The Last Seven Years
    Do You See What I See
    Links To Governor Rick Perry Houston Se