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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Texas Victims of crimes by law are due reasonable attorney fees to sue the State of Texas

Texas Victims of Crimes by law are due reasonable 
attorney fees to sue the State of Texas

A decade of extracting Federal State Funds for covert Drug, Human Trafficking, and Gun Walking by Texas Governor Rick Perry has created a culture of oppression and justified distrust of Texas Police, who under the original Privacy Act of 1974 would not have “A Need To Know” in regards to Domestic Surveillance classified operations, “Overtime, those that know take advantage of those that do not.”

"The Bush Administration delayed the establishment of the NAO and provided an opportunity for further congressional consideration of the issues involved but took steps to establish the NAO for some purposes even before important legal issues were resolved. Having conducted a review of the issue, the Obama Administration terminated the NAO [June 2009], but has not provided detailed information about current procedures for the domestic use of satellites for domestic purposes."

I my opinion and from personal experience based on tangible evidence, the Obama administration terminated NAO in June 2009 in order to protect all citizens of the United States and who are aboard from  such abuses which allowed many leaders of state legislative and executive offices  from using the threat of terrorism,  trafficking, or threat of human lives as a harmful political control by the act of  "Crying Wolf" to justify such intrusive harmful behavior to retain political power by those of public trust.

Most importantly, the breach of classified information by combining the Secret Service with the police and civilian contractors of NSA have made us vulnerable by attacks within and without the boundaries of the United States. What was once reserved by the CIA and  FBI was has been assimilated to the police operating at the community level exposing classified information in public domain and used to breach our borders as moles within police departments. Recent revelations are the three employees of America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff  Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio involved in human and drug trafficking and a Texas Sheriff sentence to ten years for drug trafficking. More evidence has surface most recently, Tue, Sep 20, 2011 in the state of Ohio as  reported by the Yahoo! Contributor Network:

"Ohio State Trooper Disgraces the Badge
Yahoo! Contributor Network By Tara Dodrill | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 6 hrs ago COMMENTARY | An Ohio State Highway Patrol officer found himself in a lot of hot water this week and his house of cards unfolded. The story of Benjamin W. Richardson made headlines last week, but very few details of the sealed indictment became public until today. Richardson was suspended for the second time during his career while investigators gathered evidence but announced his resignation over the weekend. Fallout from the case will likely stretch from central Ohio all the way to the Mexican drug cartel."

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