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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Value of One U.S. Dollar

The ValueS of One U.S. Disabled Veteran

The Texas Tea Party Must Pay The Price! 
I am an advocate for human experimentation, who has volunteered on many occasions with the risk of death to 
save other lives; however, some political idiots, that does not mean stupid BUT BY INTENT- violated the strict laws of Protocol and used medical advance technology to win elections and insight riots, which includes manslaughter AND HACKING OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION USED AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY THE TEA PARTY.

See transcript office of civil rights.

My calendar and I are both color blind, I live in the South Texas where cultural and racial margins have been obscured over time and it seems as if we are all one big family.

George Bush put out an urgent letter that data systems as well as people were targeting those of eastern religious belief as terrorist, the same letter I pounded on the teleconference phone with the OCR “If I knew religious discrimination existed on that campus, I would of walked differently, I would have dressed differently, I would have kept my religious beliefs in a closet in the furthest reaches of the back of my mind.” I later explained, to the OCR investigator that my major was philosophy of religion and what the community believes is a religion was actually the birth of logic etch in stone artifacts stored in museums. [by law if the community believed I was a religious threat, then it is still discrimination, and a valid criminal complaint of financial decimation, federal data manipulation the stalling of Veterans ENTITLEMENTS, and worse of all, not one person has drop by my house and asked "can we help you." They always come armed and ready to kill. This sworn veteran has got your back even if you don't have mine - that is a fact

In George Bush's Day George P. would have been arrested as a terrorist to say what he did about President Barack Obama or even have pistols put to his head! We saw it we experienced it - the abuse of power - it is frozen in history! Do I blame George Bush personally? 

No, should I? I made a hand statuette of stone plated in Gold, the first of its kind stored in the UT art shop for George Bush titled “The hand that stopped the world” and anybody who did not live in Texas had a religious conviction that this hand sign is of the Devil and cyber computer empowerment change history based on Religious Belief? 

Little did I know that it would change history forever and all I have left is an artifact and a shiny Hayes dollar not knowing I had become a slave of electronic detention or a marketing tool that kills such as Guru Bot 2006 frozen in history the same year the world believed with 
‘religious conviction’ George Bush was the devil. 

Nor can George Bush say that Canadian Boxing Day ‘is a religious conviction’ and get a waiver to enter that country with a DWI. DWIs are a known Republican religious convictions expunged from the “have you ever been arrested page” that exclude Tea Party member arrest records that George P. has invited into the elite circle and supported a web page that targets the innocent with a marketing tool that kills. 

I wonder with good reason who wrote “You better watch out his mother might have you killed” on my blog page asking “I wonder if Dave Letterman has ever met Johnny Carson – I Have.”  Dave is from New York and doubtful he would have to get his mommy to do dirty work just like the following musician from New Jersey singing about Texas Corruption. 

The stench of Texas corruption has drifted up the Gulf Stream thousands of miles away as the people of New Jersey fan away the foul smell of the Tea Party insolvency as ‘Shorty’ the infamous drug trafficker and torturer of people on both sides the Tex Mex border is negotiating with investigators to save his life as the money is being tracked by BSA, another provision of the 911 Patriot Act that is supposed to keep us safer that links directly by domestic surveillance photograph of Rick Perry Governor of Texas and of George W. Bush with a drug cartel member during a Tea Party campaign fund raiser? 

It is Wednesday 18:19 02/26/2014 and I have been tortured by electronic devices for over six years. Some progress has been made by applying the law and discontinuing the use of electronic behavioral control devices such as shock collars and human trafficking of disable students, who were targeted by a financial risk management tool reported to the FBI. There are hackers in my systems now that have ‘religious convictions’ therefore they are unsuitable for Federal or state contracts or empowerment with cyber technology if the governors ruling stands. 

Who is Hayes on my shiny dollar that begs the question, was he a president – ‘My daddy told me it’s, what you do not know that you should be worried about (Cornyn 2009).’ I agree, I cannot go to library or look up research on the web without being attacked or spied upon by somebody or worse, somebody that is associated with me suffers the same from cyber-attacks. 

“Murder and torture is wrong” is among the shared core beliefs of 90% of the people that populate the globe and is not a religious conviction. As a veteran and victim of several terrorist acts I know that at a time of war innocent people are harmed. 

Well I got an answer but it was not a religious belief, just a predetermined destiny  that the dollar I saved was linked to what I was looking for ‘Who is Hayes on my shiny dollar?’

"Rutherford B. Hayes - 19th President of the United States The brief is a result of a marketing tool application" 

 “President Hayes went against his personal beliefs so he could become President. Many Presidents have had this issue before, where they have to do something that is against their morals to get ahead, but this decision by Mr. Hayes set back the rights of the African American's in the South for decades to come.” We know President Obama became an advocate against torture and murder of United States Citizens that set his popularity back not to get ahead.

The value of one US Dollar

Now that I know, I am not worried about what I don't know - Hackers in my system now that have ‘religious convictions’ therefore they are unsuitable for Federal or state contracts or empowerment with cyber technology if the governors ruling stands. [This Article was being hacked before the governor made her decision and vetoed Bill '666'. Send the hackers to me and this hindu guru will drag um by the ear back to Jesus! Oh no acting on a religious motive would be obstruction of justice by religious conviction] The conclusion is still the same even if she did not veto the bill - private security firms base their justification on religious convictions and are not worthy of state or federal domestic terrorism surveillance. They cannot be trusted with empowerment to protect us]

Empowerment is anything other than free speech or printed matter guaranteed by our constitution, such as hacking, spying, data manipulation, corporate marketing tools that kills, the first I knew about was called in 2006 “Guru Bot” that sought out someone who met the profile of guru and found one? See OCR complaint - Google has that frozen in History! 

Although, I followed protocol and beg for relief, I became a subject of experimentation, and subjects became enemies of the state and placed under electronic surveillance that over the years has come to be known categorically as torture; however, laws against it were already in existence before George Bush became president just to get ahead.

My values and one US Dollar saved my life as well as others or the values of U.S. disabled Veterans. 

You just might need U.S. one day!
That is a Fact!

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  1. Dear FBI after contacting the local Sherif Office concern Federal Data manipulation and the refusal to investigate then the next step is your office. I have reason to believe that Politics Delayed and reduce my VA Entitlements due me as retaliation VA Claim 456135816 “If You Believe Your Claim Has Been Delayed, Distorted, reduced, and Denied because of Political nature on both Sides of the Isle Contact the United States Attorney General’s Office” This office is well aware of the Billions of valid fraud claims and manslaughter, Billions In oil rights thief Texas that I sent them and the prosecuted and jailed some of the criminals without paying me a cent rendering any legal aid required by law as the Criminals retaliated.
    They Burned A Chosen Few Survivors Farm One More Time (out of six one was accidental) blame me for reporting and threated my VA entitlements for the doing the right thing reporting to the proper Law Enforcement Agencies which extortion of a Victim, and protected witness and informant of Terrorist Acts including manslaughter by way of samples ship by Merck.