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Friday, February 28, 2014

Horse Tail Fall At Sunset Seen - Tafts Point of View

Seen  From Tafts View 
Rain Women Each and Every Time

Take a moment and think of all the people that are so common place in your daily affairs that they seem to be non-existence or completely invisible at times such as a housekeeper, security guards, maintenance personnel, students, clerks, grounds people, local grocer, or even a spouse. 

At times, gender, race, and cultural groups seem to ride in a perceptual blind spot of social recognition. There is a good chance that even people of prestigious positions such as a Mayor, Senator, constable, banker, or your own child’s teacher go unnoticed and you may have experienced difficulty with their names or would not recognize them at a social function. Certainly, the people that hosted such a function dwell in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility. 

Could it be that there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on your face, working miracles in your life, common everyday ordinary miracles, gifts from a supernatural being up close and in our face?

Somerset Texas Some are Set and 
Some are Not

Some are Seen and Some are Not

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