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Friday, February 28, 2014

Whose Behavior Is It – Somebody is going to Prison and it is not Me or She

Texas Governor Perry you better stay away from the craps table this not Los Vegas
“What Happens Here Gets Broadcasted Everywhere”

Some Don't Play The Game At All
Pick Up The Phone Make That Call Reported To The Alamo FBI 15:00 02/28/2014

‘Military Intelligence’

'Houston Se down loads into disabled camera receives Federal Letter; Another Federal Crime has been committed among thousand just by entering one single home - New WeWoood1floder'

Petition: To prosecute those that use anything that enter the human body with intent to change human behavior, harm, or investigative frequencies are considered a biological weapon and Is forbidden by the High court and international law in 1997 which is considered torture. Microwave, Infrared, Radio, Ionizing Particles, Recombinant Viruses, or the use of Electronic Waves, delivered by a Victor, any Victor!


The Bush Administration in 2006, authorized the sharing of any information collected by any means with Law Enforcement and Civilian Private Security Firms including intrusive equipment by Satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment without the authorization of Congress or the People of The United States. "History has taught us to be vigilant of the loss of liberty to those that wish to monitor us in order to increase our security" and once again the enemies of the United States are upon us by the very act of segregating the will of the people to protect themselves their family, property, and the borders of the United States of America as the most important integrate members  of our National Security Network. The people of the state are the best source of intelligence! History has shown once again, one-way domestic surveillance fails even with the best intention, the brightest of experts, and all the money available in the world. 

These devices and/or invasive strategies have been abused by Richard James Perry Governor of Texas and 4,500 selected Perry bias officials of Public Trust, some embedded in the Texas Supreme Court. These devices include but are not limited to internet censorship, behavioral political control networks, and harmful biological or electronic devices that are classified; however exist, and have been used against targeted peaceful political adversaries, retaliation, illegal gathering of investigative information, threating intimidation, black list, employment to buy votes, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas Citizens.

 We have had several reports for other states; however, the evidence against Texas Leadership is the most overwhelming evidence of a Police State to maintain Political Power and a conspiracy to over throw the representatives the United States Congress, Senate, and direct public attacks on the President of the United States which is an attack on the people of the United States of America and organized rebellion against  the very Constitution of the United States of America in which We The People stand!

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to ensure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards and by all means protect themselves and resolve unexplainable harm  by reporting damages to the Attorney General Of  The United States of America. As victim of A Private Security Firm Houston Se, I reported my concerns to the public and the United State Attorney General’s office concerning the privatization of National Security that has only led to corruption of those of Public Trust, Inside trading, and wasteful abuse of Federal Funding that has nearly bankrupt our defense by targeting We The People, the citizens of the United States of America in a report July 7, 2011 titled, " Is the Secret Service Now a Private Security Firm with the Rights of a Person?"

Most tragically, those of the population that are hyper- sensitive  to these electronic devices, mostly children, elderly, and those who suffer from mental illness have tried every means of to warn us of these harmful devices, many have been arrested and held for long periods without charges or trumped up charges by those of public trust and have been denied treatment, protection, and competent legal representation from the federal government who is responsible the welfare of children, the disabled, and wards of the state. Empirical scientific evidence has shown these people to be the most vulnerable of electronic attack and are not responsible for their actions when their own will and destiny is overpowered by electronic warfare devices such as victors of microwaves, or any other Victor of Behavioral Control. Some United States Citizens have been wrongfully detained or convicted for terrorist threats while the criminals that use these dangerous devices are free to attack again who are the causal source of such behavior or the symptoms of electronic devices used on the public without consent. 

Supporting documentation is available in public domain titled "Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues" which questions violations of Civil Liberties of illegal searches not only from Satellite Surveillance but from any surveillance  device or equipment and the sharing of the information between the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement.


"In May 2007, the DNI designated DHS as the executive agent and functional manager of what was designated as a National Applications Office (NAO). There was, however, no public notice of the establishment of the new office at that time."

"Inside the United States (as well as abroad), DOD support for law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with chapter 18 of title 10, U.S. Code. Section 371 specifically authorizes the Secretary of  Defense to share information acquired during military operations, and encourages the armed forces to plan their activities with an eye to the production of incidental civilian benefits. Under sections 372 through 374, DOD DOD personnel are permitted to provide training and expert advice to civilian law enforcement personnel, and may conduct maintenance on equipment it provides." 

"The Bush Administration delayed the establishment of the NAO and provided an opportunity for further congressional consideration of the issues involved but took steps to establish the NAO for some purposes even before important legal issues were resolved. Having conducted a review of the issue, the Obama Administration terminated the NAO [June 2009], but has not provided detailed information about current procedures for the domestic use of satellites for domestic purposes."

I my opinion and from personal experience based on tangible evidence, the Obama administration terminated NAO in June 2009 in order to protect all citizens of the United States and who are aboard from  such abuses which allowed many leaders of state legislative and executive offices  from using the threat of terrorism,  trafficking, or threat of human lives as a harmful political control by the act of  "Crying Wolf" to justify such intrusive harmful behavior to retain political power by those of public trust.

Most importantly, the breach of classified information by combining the Secret Service with the police and civilian contractors of NSA have made us vulnerable by attacks within and without the boundaries of the United States. What was once reserved by the CIA and  FBI was has been assimilated to the police operating at the community level exposing classified information in public domain and used to breach our borders as moles within police departments. Recent revelations are the three employees of America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff  Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio involved in human and drug trafficking and a Texas Sheriff sentence to ten years for drug trafficking. More evidence has surface most recently, Tue, Sep 20, 2011 in the state of Ohio as  report by the Yahoo! Contributor Network:

"Ohio State Trooper Disgraces the Badge
Yahoo! Contributor Network By Tara Dodrill | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 6 hrs ago COMMENTARY | An Ohio State Highway Patrol officer found himself in a lot of hot water this week and his house of cards unfolded. The story of Benjamin W. Richardson made headlines last week, but very few details of the sealed indictment became public until today. Richardson was suspended for the second time during his career while investigators gathered evidence but announced his resignation over the weekend. Fallout from the case will likely stretch from central Ohio all the way to the Mexican drug cartel."
Read Full Article:

The CIA, FBI and Secret Service must maintain a firewall of classified information from the Police and State Law Enforcement unless on the rare occasion they have a need to know, including the use of classified devices from unwarranted intrusions, harmful deadly harm, and convictions of the innocent by sharing fruit from that poisonous tree.

It is no mystery that these devices have been used in other countries and the best example is the people and leaders of  Iran who boldly denounced the authority of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for using such "Sorcery" on God fearing people to win his second term. What better name than "Sorcery" can describe electronic behavioral control devices that over power the will of the Human Soul! Those that have the knowledge, training, and control these devices are responsible for any and all actions created by entering the most sacred ground of Civil and Human Rights, the body or minds of others - the temple of our very souls! Surely, our forefathers understood oppression as life not worth living by proclaiming in the markets, town squares, and places of worship, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"


Rick Perry Governor of Texas and the Sheriffs Association has been using these devices on citizens in the state of Texas. The relation between the United States Attorneys’ Office and Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court with Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas is a cozy political association that constitutes obstruction of justice! Reported when witnesses by me to Congressman Henry Cuellar district 28th, a Mexican border district that has been abused by the Governor of Texas Richard James Perry. 

As reported to the justice department and evidence presented to the public, the Tea Party is a treasonous group as well as the John Birch Society. Evidence shows that if these groups are allowed to conspire that they can detonate a nuclear bomb! 

They have exceeded their right to assemble and right to free speech for conspiring against the United States of America. “We The People” of the United States of America demand the United States Attorney General to disband and prosecute people associated with these groups. They have already identified themselves with names and address listed as 4,500 appointees of Texas Governor Richard James Perry AKA Rick Perry.

Rick Perry also used illegal data applications to win the last two elections stated by him, "We are not going to print campaign signs. We have a new computer application to sway the populace." These are the same devices used by the Iranian Presidential Incumbent on the People of Iran!

1.  “imagine using a blank check on mass populations stating that there is a need to ferret out insurgents and other undesirables; there is no need to be granted permission via congressional review to implement systems that may read minds and stop those intent on violence against citizens.  Where do we draw the line and were does the line end?” 
Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

2.  Paragraph 27 calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings – European Parliament A4-0005/1999 – It is disappointing that nothing seems to have happened so far in response to this!!



5. A key component of Obama’s counterterrorism strategy will be a renewed emphasis on building “strong partnerships between government and communities here at home, including Muslim and Arab-American” communities, said Brennan, who chose Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies to make his remarks.



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  2. 1. “imagine using a blank check on mass populations stating that there is a need to ferret out insurgents and other undesirables; there is no need to be granted permission via congressional review to implement systems that may read minds and stop those intent on violence against citizens. Where do we draw the line and were does the line end?”
    Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

  3. Where do end the day they stopped autopay and demanded a receipt for goods and services rendered

  4. Irregular War (IW) is the domestic surveillance program started in 1982 by Vice President George H. W. Bush that failed to 'Keep us Safer' in place before the Oklahoma Bombing of a Federal Building, the first international bombing of Federal Building by Osama Bin Laden in Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995 and the 911 attack on New York.